How Britain Ends

Britain’s post-imperial decline is almost complete.

The power system, born from the trade of the Thames river, is now in terminal decline. Image credit to European Space Agency.

Post-Imperial Syndrome

The Congress of Vienna. During the concert of Europe, Britain moved to play various European powers against one another to ensure no single European power could emerge to threaten them. Image from Defenceindepth.

Unhappy Family

Scotland will pursue a rout of being a key energy hub for the rest of the British Isles

The New State of London

The Thames and it’s closeness to the ports of the Low Counties has made London a key node in global trade networks.

England Arises

The ghost of England’s future: the movement which allowed a section of the British elite to win on the 12th of December will become the key political force in a rump UK. Image from Quartz.

Demographics and Destiny

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